2019-2020 ASA Board

Date Party - Sagar Rawal.jpg

Sagar Rawal

but you can call me Mr.President

Position: President

Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ

Year: Senior

Program: Biological Sciences

Dearest General Body, My name is Sagar Lalbahadur Rawal, and I am your president for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. Some things you should know about me is that in High School I won the "Heard Before Seen" Senior Superlative, in a class of 756 people. My laugh is known to be infectious and obnoxious. I have a great love of people, and will often lose track of time in the office just talking to people. I am really bad at responding to messages in a timely manner unless they are business related. I'm currently trying to go into psychotherapy/mental health counselor because I want to help change the mental health stigma in the Asian community. I also open to learning about new things and have generally found myself exposed to gaming (LoL), K-Dramas (Let's Eat 1,2&3), K-Pop (G-Idle), Sci-Fi (The Expanse & Ender's Saga), Fantasy Novels (The Stormlight Archives), Anime (FMA: Brotherhood), Rap (A$AP Rocky & Kanye), Country (Old Town Road), and literally almost any other form of media. As a South Asian, I hope I can create an environment for all Asians to feel welcome in ASA. My main goals for this year is to grow our programming, invest in creative solutions for media and publicity, increase engagement and awareness of AAPI advocacy, double down on our community activities, and create sustainable programming and plans for our alumni.

Fun Fact: My family is from Nepal.

What do you like to do in your free time?: Read, hang out in the office, do ASA work, and eat good food

Where’s Waldo?: WPU 635, Hillman Ground Floor, GPB

Contact: slr106@pitt.edu

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Albert Tanjaya

but you can call me Albie

Position: Vice President of External Affairs

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Year: Senior

Program: Computer Science & Political Science

My hobbies as well as my passion to aid people define who I am. I’m probably the most spontaneous person you’ll ever encounter and everyday is an adventure. As much as I love to interact, I appreciate my own personal time and time for myself. One thing people know me for is my ability to cook and not just from recipes. I find cooking as a stress outlet and away to express my creativity.

Fun Fact: I was a Political Asylum Seeker.

What do you like to do in your free time?: Computer Games, Ultimate Frisbee, biking, tennis, ping pong, mahjong, pool, swimming, Netflix+Hulu, Leadership conferences, photography/videography, cooking!

Where’s Waldo?:WPU 6th Floor

Contact: aet32@pitt.edu

20181217_145632 - Joshua Lee.jpg

Joshua Lee

but you can call me JLee or DAD

Position: Vice President of Internal Affairs

Hometown: Hollidaysburg, PA

Year: Junior

Program: Biological Sciences and Economics

Hi hi! I’m Josh and I’ll be serving as your Vice President of Internal Affairs this year. I also serve as a Resident Assistant for the University in Irvis Hall and am a member of the Pitt Men's Glee Club! I am loud and goofy for the majority of time you see me, but I am always ready to get down to business. I am fairly easy going and really excited to meet all of you this year. You can catch me jamming to myself between classes and just enjoying life on the daily. If you haven't already, check out my Spotify playlists!

Fun Fact: I love the taste of mango, but the texture of it creeps me out.

What do you like to do in your free time?: When I'm feeling active, I am a huge fan of playing Ultimate or throwing a disc with friends. I love photography and am always down to have a photo-shoot. Exploring Pittsburgh is always something I try to fit in my free time from going to the downtown area or even adventuring into the smaller communities and looking for places to eat. If I wanna chill, you can catch me somewhere outside taking in nature and listening to some music. I love making playlists on Spotify and I am always open to listening to new music.

Where’s Waldo?: You can find me on 6th floor of the WPU! Or sleeping in one of the cubby holes on 4th floor Hillman.

Contact: jol90@pitt.edu

bobby .jpg

Bobby Cheung

but you can call me Phat Bobs

Position: Vice President of Finance

Hometown: Hong Kong/New York

Year: Junior

Program: Marketing & Finance

I am originally from New York, but I have been living abroad in Hong Kong for a large portion of my life. I attended an international school during my time in Hong Kong and made friends from all over the world. Besides my academics, I really enjoy staying active within the Pitt community. Other than my involvement with ASA, I am also an active member of the Pitt Club Handball Team and a Brother of Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity.

Fun Fact: I have a shirt that I caught from the stands from Michael Phelps after he won gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

What do you like to do in your free time?: In my free time, I like to stay active whether it be playing club handball, intramural sports or going to the gym. I’m always down for a spontaneous adventure and looking for something new to see, do or eat.

Where are you mostly found on campus?: I’m usually in the Union on the 6th floor.

Contact: rbc28@pitt.edu

DSC_7903-23 - Aoxue Chenqi.jpg

Aoxue Chenqi

but you can call me Schway

Position: Advocacy Chair

Hometown: Morgantown, WV

Year: Junior

Program: Biological Sciences along the Pre-Med Track

I'm a pretty easy-going person, meaning that I'm always down to do almost anything, especially if it's food related. Know that if I start making fun of you, I already like you, and it is VERY easy to make fun of me. If you ever want to try a new restaurant, explore Pittsburgh, or talk about life, hit me up!

Fun Fact: I used to have 15 pet chickens (my favorite was named Burrito).

What do you like to do in your free time?: Cook, eat, play ukulele, play racquetball, and play video games.

Where’s Waldo?: Hillman or WPU

Contact: aoc7@pitt.edu

asa temp pic - Lauren Yu.jpg

Lauren Yu

but you can call me Luludawg or Lulu Yuyu

Position: Fundraising Chair

Hometown: Reading, PA

Year: Junior

Program: Neuroscience and Sociology

I'm super excited to be your Fundraising chair for the 2019-2020 year! I have a lot of ideas for both fundraising and philanthropy for the upcoming year but I'm open to new ones so feel free to reach out with suggestions or if you just wanna hang out! (plz I need friends) It's gonna be a great year and I can't wait to get to know all of you!

Fun Fact: My fingers are double-jointed. 50% of people say it's cool, 50% are creeped out

What do you like to do in your free time?: Finding secret study spots, trying new food spots, starting series on Netflix but not finishing them.

Where’s Waldo?: Ground floor of Hillman or Fuku Tea

Contact: lsy5@pitt.edu


Melanie Cen

but you can call me MCMC

Position: Media Chair

Hometown: New York, NY

Year: Junior

Program: Rehabilitation Science

Hello hello! I was born in NYC, but I’m far from your typical New Yorker. Need a horoscope or tarot reading? I’m here for you, but don’t mess me with the supernatural. I get scared too easily to ever watch a thriller, let alone a horror. I will cry… As a complete 180, I love cooking and grocery shopping! I think it’s one of the best ways to get to know someone. If you can spend hours at Target, Costco, BJ’s, GEagle, etc., we’re friends, and I love you; no questions asked.

Fun Fact: I have the same nightmare every 5 years.

What do you like to do in your free time?: Oof. Go grocery shopping, go online shopping, listen to music, sleep, swim, pick at your brain, find where your online crush is from, watch vines, uk the usual

Where’s Waldo?: First floor of Hillman or 4th floor of Forbes Tower

Contact: mec234@pitt.edu

IMG_2348 - Cynthia Truong.png

Cynthia Truong

but you can call me Cinnabon

Position: Programming Chair

Hometown: Downingtown, PA

Year: Sophomore

Program: Chemistry

Hello, everyone! Call me Cindy, or Cynthia if you're ever confused if my name is Cindy or Sydney. I originate from the "outside of philly area", and take too much pride in the city of Philadelphia and the Eagles, despite never have watching the Super Bowl. I have (1) important person in my life, and that's my baby brother Ping Pong. I'm really loud, so don't be surprised if you can hear me before you see me. My family owns a boba/pho/banh mi shop, so if you're ever down in the swamp land of Florida, give me a shout out! I plan to use my Chemistry degree in the future to either pursue cosmetic chemistry or forensics. I subconsciously use slang, pet names and the third and second person in every second of every conversation I have, so if you're ever talking to me and the words "sis, we or she" confuse you, don't worry about it, I'm just degenerate.

Fun Fact: My fun fact that I use every single time I'm asked is that fact I've worked at a wizarding kid's summer camp for 3 years!!

What do you like to do in your free time?: I spend not enough time painting, cooking/baking and reading, my favorite cultured past times. Too much of my time is spent watching Chef's Table, any and every kdrama/cdrama, kpop vine compilations, live tweeting from my calculus class, stunting for the gram and making a fool of myself on the dance floor.

Where’s Waldo?: A Chevron Chem lab or in the ASA Office

Contact: cyt12@pitt.edu


Minori Hayakawa

but you can call me Mino or Min

Position: Publicity Chair

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Year: Sophomore

Program: Business Information Systems and Economics

'I am hungry' is a sentence I say all day everyday, so you may find my little, short, and hangry self walking around campus, but I swear I am nice and friendly. I also say 'huh' a lot. You may think I am confused, but I still somehow manage to know what is going on. I may seem weird, and you're probably right. I also may seem like either an 80 year old or a 12 year old. There's not much in between. For instance, I love classical music and attend many symphony concerts, but also love watching throwback Nickelodeon or Disney shows. Some times I feel like I have not grown up, but my interests in economics, mathematics, and data analysis, make me feel like I have. There's a whole lot more to me, but I feel like I just made myself look the weirdest person on earth, nice to meet you.

Fun Fact: I have a legitimate fear of the sound of velcro and birds.

What do you like to do in your free time?:Three things that sum me up are food, music, and shopping. Sounds basic, but you'll find me at symphony concerts, playing my violin with chamber groups, trying new foods, and buying clothes and shoes (especially platforms..!!). I tend to do all these things in a free day, but in reality when I have free time, my first priority is to sleep.

Where’s Waldo?: People can usually find me at Sennott, Mervis, Hillman, or a table outside any building when the weather is nice.

Contact: mih122pitt.edu