About The Asian Student Alliance

The Asian Student Alliance (ASA) exists to further the development of Asian and Asian American identity and interest. We do this by recognizing and actively representing Asian and Asian American culture.

In 1993, the organization was formed as the Asian Student Association. It started with weekly meetings at coffee shops to discuss Asian culture with anyone who was interested. As cultural organizations formed out of ASA to represent specific Asian cultures and identities, this led to demands from ASA to the University to be better represented in voicing decisions and having more programming that represent our group. In 2002, Pitt granted the Asian Student Alliance governance group status, allowing for representation at the university level.

To this day, we strive to create a welcoming community and atmosphere to those of different backgrounds and specifically Asian Americans. We discuss identity and current social issues pertaining to Asians in the United States as well as hold bonding events to strengthen the Asian community at the University of Pittsburgh. The events we typical hold are monthly general body meetings, socials, guest speakers and advocacy workshops.

Our board members can usually be found in the general area of the 6th floor in William Pitt Union or in the ASA Office in 635 William Pitt Union throughout the school week. If we’re not there, we can be reached through email at pittasa@gmail.com, Facebook at Pitt Asian Student Alliance, or Instagram at pitt_asa.